Care Instructions

Caring for your Vintage Velo Gloves is very simple indeed.

In most cases, simply remove them from your hands by gently turning them inside out after use and leaving them to dry in a well ventilated, but shaded spot. Lay the gloves flat away from direct sunlight or concentrated heat.

If you've been caught in the rain - same applies. Water does not affect their strength or resilience. In fact, kangaroo leather is one of the only leathers to stay extremely grippy even in the wettest conditions.

Small spills and light soiling can be sponged off your kangaroo leather with a damp cloth and mild soapy solution for example bath soap and water. Always avoid harsh washing solutions.

For a more thorough clean, place them on your hands and wash with bath soap and luke warm water inside and out. Thoroughly rinse out any soap solution with clean cold water. Squeeze out any excess moisture and pull the gloves gently back into shape and leave to dry in a sheltered and well ventilated spot.

When they are nearly dry, place them on your hands to restore the shape and softness.

Voila. You’re ready to go and enjoy the ride.