Beautiful Bikes...the bikes people ride and why?

Posted by Peter Melville on 13th May 2014

Episode 2. Stephen Goodall’s Hillbrick, Carindale, Brisbane.

About the rider: Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a middle aged (over 50!) Brisbane born bloke with a lovely wife and great son. I’ve been working in science throughout my career and like to travel and stay fit. I’ve lived in Brisbane most of my life but enjoyed about three years in Newcastle and worked with US and French companies giving me plenty of opportunity to work around the world. I’ve probably passed my fitness peak now but still enjoy getting out for a ride with friends and turning the pedals around.

What sort of riding do you do?

These days it’s mainly commuting with a bit of training and cruising with friends. At various times in the past I’ve done some criterium and road races and enjoyed being a member of the Balmoral Cycling Club.

How long have you been cycling?

About 30 years ago I bought my first proper road bike for commuting. I've been riding pretty consistently since then but really got serious when I decided to get my Hillbrick about 15 years ago.

How did you come to choose your bike?

I’m pretty keen on buying Australian made where I can and getting a custom frame from Paul Hillbrick wasn’t much different in price from buying a good bike off the rack. There’s also a bit of fun in getting all your measurements together and working out the geometry. Paul also spent the time to ask what kind of riding I wanted to do and how I wanted the bike to handle. The guys at UQ bike shop then went to work to get all the components and build from there. They were great at helping the selection process, so the final product was just brilliant.

Groupset: What’s you choice of weapon?

I’m still riding on the Campagnolo Veloce groupset that the bike was originally assembled with. I’ve been through countless chains and cassettes but only one small chainring and a couple of sets of brakes. Pretty good for over 45,000kms!

Do you have any particular favourite component, accessory or add-on?

It would have to be my helmet. It irrefutably prevented my demise in an accident several years ago. So I’m constantly astounded by people who advocate repealing the helmet laws.

If you could choose another bike to add to your stable,
what would you go for?

I’ve talked to the guys at Baum in Geelong, that’s my preferred way of getting another custom built Aussie made bike.

Finally, and most importantly does your steed have a nickname?

Not really, but it has occasionally been referred to as “the brick” (or was that other race competitors trying a psyche out?)


My Hillbrick has just had a new paint job to refresh the original colours. It’s just like new and still rides better than my other bikes that I rode while the paint job was underway. What a gem!

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Enjoy the ride!

Bike specs:

Maker Paul Hillbrick
Model Thron oversize steel
Size (top tube horizontal) 55 cm
Fork Link Columbus carbon fibre
Wheels Ambrosia Balance
Hubs Campag Veloce
Tires Michelin ProRace 4
Pedals Look Keo
Stem Oval
Bar Tape Black
Casette 12 – 23 Veloce 9 speed
Front Derailleur Campag Veloce
Rear Derailleur Campag Veloce
Shift Levers Campag Veloce
Front Brake Campag Veloce
Rear Brake Campag Veloce
Crankset Campag Veloce
Accessories Seat is Selle